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What is being said?

  • My fasting (morning) glucose level was 130 +/- when I started. Within a week it was in the 90’s. Also, I switched to a "milder" diabetes medication and my doctor cut the dosage in half.
    -- J.C., 1-4 weeks
  • Significantly changed the management of my type one diabetes & blood sugars run concurrently between 80 -130 optimal blood sugar ranges. Very few low, few to no high's 25D+ I feel great and have learned to the importance of maintaining a carb balanced 3 measured diet to control my diabetes.
    -- J.B, 1-4 weeks
  • Very Positive. Eat more now than before only balanced meal times and amounts. Clothes fit better, energy level is higher.
    -- MB.C., 5-12 weeks
  • The program is easy to follow. Has a support system when needed, and works! After losing over 90lbs. I have my self-esteem, self- confidence and self-worth back! This will be the last diet you will be on. Stick to it. Count on the staff and yourself and you will be successful.
    -- C.R., 20+ weeks
  • 32 lbs. lost in 4 weeks on the program. Within 3 days my knees felt perfect instead of constant pain and could not kneel down. Also, in the same three day period I stopped feeling tired all the time. I feel 100 % better in such a short period of time. There is no program on the planet that works this well, this fast without having a surgery. It is by pass results without the trauma. Ultra Satisfied.
    -- D.J., 5-12 weeks
  • I originally started the program at 205 hoping to lose 15 pounds, after years and years of unsuccessful dieting I lost 15 pounds in the first two and a half weeks. Now four months later I have lost 40 pounds. I have never felt better, slept better in my life1 always active; I have never been as active as I am now. I feel amazing. My alertness has been amazing. I cannot believe how much better I feel and how much better I look. This was the first successful diet I have ever encountered!
    -- A.L., 13-20 weeks
  • Dr. Gerber & his whole staff have been there every question I have. They have taken phone calls from me on weekends or whenever I have called. They explain every step to you. They have encouraged and supported me. I was very doubtful at the beginning but Dr. Gerber & his staff have convinced me that this is the best program for me. I no longer have any need for insulin. I was able to lose 14 lbs. in the first week! I am currently no taking any meds for my diabetes!
    -- F.Y., 1-4 weeks
  • After 10 weeks on the program I have lost 40 lbs. and was able to stop taking all prescription medications. I have never felt hungry, or had any problem finding a variety of vegetables to eat. I feel confident that with the support and guidance of Dr. Gerber and staff I can continue to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle.
    -- B.L., 5-12 weeks
  • I was over weight due to not being able to do much of anything after a back injury and shoulder injury. I started this program and learned how to eat healthier. My Dr. wanted to increase my cholesterol meds and I refused to and started this program. Now that I've lost some weight, I don't need any more meds!!! I was on high blood pressure meds for 34 years and am able to go off all my meds now. I feel much better not taking meds. My dr. was so pleased! I lost 32 Lbs. and 30 inches as of Aug. 24th 2012. I've gone from size 18 that was tight on me to a size 10 and sometimes a size 8.
    -- P.D., 13-20 weeks
  • After being on The LiveWell Protein program for less than 1 week, I found myself having increased energy, aches & pains subsiding and a more positive outlook each and every day.
    -- C.D., 1-4 weeks
  • I have never felt so good on a diet you really don't know you are on a diet and the weight and inches keep coming off fast. I feel like a new person.
    -- S.E., 1-4 weeks
  • Very positive! Eat more now than before only balanced meal times and amounts. Clothes fit better, energy level is higher.
    M.B.C., 5-12 weeks
  • I have tried countless programs over the past 25 years and I can honestly say this is the only one that truly works! It literally is a tremendous weight off your shoulders and so easy to follow.
    -- B.M., 1-7 weeks
  • The program was awesome! The Staff was there for me all the way. Everything Dr. Gerber says about this program is true. This program has improved my life in so many ways. I am now in control of my eating habits & the food I eat. I am more confident in myself and everything I do. What I've learned is truly priceless. I will live longer, live happier & live healthier.
    -- M.J.S., 20+ weeks
  • Results almost immediately. Boost of energy, I can't imagine going backwards.
    -- CD, 20+ weeks

Patient Testimonials

Read some of the success stories from people in your community.


How long on Ideal Protein: 8 weeks
The easiest diet I have ever been on. I am rarely hungry and am encouraged every week to lose more weight. I have learned how to eat and have a healthy lifestyle.
Bonnie S.

How long on Ideal Protein: 1-4 weeks
My doctors are thrilled with my progress
and want me to keep going. After only 3 weeks on this program I have lost 20 pounds!
Karen W.

How long on Ideal Protein: 1-4 weeks
I was very nervous at the start thinking I would never get enough get enough to eat. I found the program pretty easy to follow and have been able to adapt it to my work schedule (I work nights). All the foods I have tried have been delicious and satisfying.
John W.

How long on Ideal Protein: 4 weeks
I have more energy and now run almost every day, and even stopped my Previcid prescription. I feel much better about myself. I am more into training with weights since I am seeing results. I get many compliments about my weight loss which boosts my self-confidence.
Gary H.

How long on Ideal Protein: 5 weeks
When I started, I was on 4 Glucophage daily for my diabetes. After 3 weeks on this program, I was down to 1 Glucophage. At 5 weeks, I am not taking any medicine for my diabetes. Since starting the program, I have felt great and have alot of energy. I walk at least 2 miles daily. The first impression on the program was that this is just another diet that will fail. After being on this for 5 weeks, I lost 35 lbs. I don't take any diabetes medication. This is a great program for people with Type II diabetes!
Brian W.

How long on Ideal Protein: 13-20 weeks
I have tried several diets prior to this one, and I wasn't able to stick with them. Either the food tasted horrible, or I wasn't seeing results quick enough to continue. With the Ideal Protein diet you see changes weekly, either in inches or pounds. The food tastes great so you don't even know it's "diet" food. I have found that I even enjoy vegetables that I never would have eaten in the past. I highly recommend this diet to anyone who is eager to lose weight!
Donna E.

How long on Ideal Protein: 4 weeks
My blood sugar has gone from 128 to 104, and 2 different stomach problems have completely stopped without medication. I havn't felt this good in over 2 years. I have more energy and can stay up later at night. It's taught me to be able to eat the right kinds of food. On the road to becoming healthy again, losing weight the right way.
Cathy D.

How long on Ideal Protein: 7 weeks
I feel fabulous! I've lost over 20 lbs in 7 weeks. As a flight attendant, my work schedule is crazy. Dr. Gerber and his staff have helped make it work for me. The staff support is second to none. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to live a healthier life!
Patti A.

How long on Ideal Protein: 13-20 weeks
I love it, it has changed my life. I just wish I could have found out about it sooner!
Victoria F.

How long on Ideal Protein: 6 weeks
More energy, less cravings, I feel great! It's great getting on the scale every week and always seeing the numbers drop. I love seeing results fast.
Kerri T.

How long on Ideal Protein: 5 weeks
I have been off one of my diabetic pills, one of my cholesterol pills has been changed to every other day, and another pill's dosage has been decreased. I've felt wonderful since being on this program.
JoAnn C.

How long on Ideal Protein: 3 weeks
My energy level is up during the day, but this makes me go to sleep earlier. I'm probably not used to using this much muscle! The first 3 days I was headachy and grumpy; on day 4, I spent the whole day stripping wallpaper! Lots of "go go go". Since starting this program, I have never been hungry. I enjoy the one full meal with my family each day. The variety is wide and the condiments are delicious!
Paula B.

How long on Ideal Protein: 4 weeks
No more diabetic medicine, and lots more energy! Since starting this program I've felt great! I love it. Thank you!
Jennifer S.

How long on Ideal Protein: 4 weeks
I've been on the program 4 weeks and lost 32.5 lbs and 22.5 inches. I still have a long way to go but I feel great and am extremely satisfied with the progress so far. No reason I can't reach my goal of at least 166 lbs lost!
Ronald M.

How long on Ideal Protein: 5-12 weeks
The program is very easy to follow. The support that is available is terrific. I no longer weigh on a daily basis, only once a week. This makes me more aware of what I am putting in my mouth.
Pamela F.

How long on Ideal Protein: 1-4 weeks
I have tried all of the diets out there, but NEVER have I had this much success in so little time! I feel better and see changes in my body that I have not seen or felt in a long time.
Christine G.

How long on Ideal Protein: 5-12 weeks
I think it is great!! Best program I have ever attempted.
Miriam A.

How long on Ideal Protein: 20+ weeks
I've battled weight problems since I was 12. With this program I have lost over 60 pounds! I feel terrific and have tons of energy. Just recently I was able to off two out of three medications, no more blood pressure or reflux meds for me.
Suzannah V.